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Didn't last 3 months

I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas, she loved it. Until today, not even the months later, all the teeth broke off the bottom of the blade... I don't see replacement parts available, so now it's a $70 piece of trash....

Powerful, Versatile Mini Blender

This single serving blender has been a delight to use! The 900 watt motor appears more than adequate to quickly & efficiently chop/pulverize/blend a variety of food items. We have already used it to grind coffee and make multi-fruit smoothies. The blender motor of the appliance is substantial in weight, yet the unit is small enough not to take up too much space on your kitchen countertop or island. The noise level produced is no more (and probably less) than other blender devices we have used over a number of decades. 4 suction cups on the base of the appliance keep it very stable while in use. We found that fully cupping one's hand over the top of the blender cup while operating (pressing down) the product helps maintain proper alignment of the blending cup with the lower motor unit. Having 3 different threaded cups with the appliance is welcomed as we have been able to use the smaller cup for coffee grinding & the larger 2 for smoothies. It comes with 2 separate threaded blade caps -- one is more appropriate for coffee grinding and the other is well-suited for chopping/grinding/blending fruits & vegetables. Cleanup has been easy, although we would recommend always using the supplied cleaning brush to remove fine particles that are left under the small silicone seal on the inside of the threaded caps. Highly recommend this product!

Whip it really really good.

That's a lot of power and a little machine. It is easy to use quick to assemble quick to disassemble for cleaning. I have a large national brand machine and this one is actually better for making a quick single serving without the months and fuss.

great blender for smoothies

this is a nice blender for smoothies. My daughter used the blender all the time and likes the ease of this better. easy to clean and nice design. smoothie away


Works great, does have a lot more power than I thought. It does make a mess when trying to mix things with the mixer

Powerful budget blender

I had all but given up on making perfect, creamy, thick smoothies and smoothie bowls and soups. Every attempt in my Ninja blender, since the day I got it, has resulted in a passable, but never quite right texture. I didn't have much hope for this blender, as I hadn't heard of the brand, but I'm glad I decided to try it anyway. It eviscerates everything I put in it, and quickly too, even turning raw nuts into a creamy paste. It's easy to use and comes with multiple blender cups which are super easy to wash and carry to go. This is a great deal for a powerful blender.

Loved it.

I really like this product. I like that it has different sizes of cups because all I needed was half a banana and 5oz of milk for a drink in the morning. The small cup was the perfect size. The suction cups at the bottom of the unit are also very strong, and the unit didn’t dance around, unlike my big blender. All in all I am very satisfied.

It gets the job done..

It's not a bad set for the money. I mainly bought it for the immersion blender, which works fine. The additional accessories are okay but feel a bit cheap (thinner plastic, blades, etc..). Great as a starter set. Haven't had it long so I'm not sure on longevity. :)

Love at first smoothie!

I love smoothies. I do not love cleaning my blender after I make one. (All those parts to disassemble and wash make me decide to just do something else instead most mornings). But this ...

Making a quick smoothie, some salad dressing, a small amount of nut butter--whatever--just got about as easy as dumping ingredients in a bowl, doing a quick stir and then washing a single bowl (or in this case, a glass) afterwards. No more messing with a heavy, multi-part blender merely to make a single serving of something! I love it!!! From food prep to wash-up is like 3 minutes! You can't get easier than that.

I also love that I have three small containers to work with instead of one big one that has to be cleaned before you can make something else. This way, if I want to, I can make a smoothie, a dressing for my lunch salad and even some nut butter for a sandwich, all at once and clean up later. It also comes with two sets of blades for even more versatility. There are a couple of different caps for sealing the jars too, so you can make something ahead, screw on a lid and pop the whole thing in the refrigerator for later.

Don't let its small size fool you either. It is a hefty little thing and packs plenty of power to get the job done fast. Again, I really love this!


This little machine was extremely pwerful! For the price i did'nt expect such quality. I would recommend.

Good power

This little blender has a lot of power. I love all the functions in one small package. A great space saver that can serve many purposes.

Awesome gadget

This thing is great. It can do so many different things. Great for kitchens short on space. Ive made baby food, blended smoothies and soups and frothed milk for coffee so far. Everything works great. Excited to try the chopping attachment next. Great little gadget to have on your kitchen.

This hand blender is awesome

This hand blender is awesome. It does everything. The blender is great quality and blends like a countertop blender. I highly recommend it.

Easy for elderly aunt to use.

Love it.! My elderly aunt has no problem using this.

Perfect size for the small kitchen

For those looking to make a single serving this blender is the perfect size. The unit itself is compact so takes up very little counter space for those with a small kitchen. The blender cups are for a single serving which is helpful with portion control. I used the cross blade to make a smoothie, a sun-dried tomato tapenade, and a feta dipping sauce. It did all three well but all required shaking the cup to get the ingredients completely incorporated. It was pulse, shake, pulse, shake, pulse, shake for all three but even so I had a completed product in under a minute for all three recipes.

I used the flat blade to grind coffee beans. It did the job well (though still required the shake in the middle) so that eliminates the need for a separate coffee grinder, another bonus for the small kitchen dweller. The instructions say to use the flat blade for nuts. I immediately wound up with pulverized nuts and had a gone another few seconds would probably have had nut butter. So if you’re looking to make nut butter it’s a win. I tried again with the cross blade but got the same result so if you are looking for actual chopped nuts this is not the tool to use.

The cups are dishwasher safe, thankfully, since they do have raised ridges inside which makes using a spatula a little difficult and would make hand washing a bit of a pain. The blades are hand wash but the are easy to take apart and reassemble. The instructions are clear and they provide you with a brush for the nooks and crannies. All in all, it does the job well in a nice small package.

Broke in two weeks

Was great until it stopped working in two weeks of having it

Should have been a $9.99 item

It is a cheaply made stick blender. Cheap plastic, flimsy, easily breakable, and not meant to last. Under $10, I probably wouldn't care, but being marketed across the US to consumers at a higher price, like so many other products from China, particularly on Amazon & ebay, There was ample enough power when I used it once making soup, but it would not have enough power or be durable for demanding tasks in a well-utilized kitchen. I knew better, still took a chance, and should have listened to my instincts. It will be going back.

Handle overheats

Couldn't wait to get the food processer/immersion blender. Used a couple of nights ago to whip egg white and cream. Overheated so badly, I had to keep stopping to let the handle cool. Could not hold it for more than 30 seconds at a time. Dangerous!

When you don't want to spend more for a name brand

Before I received this Abuler personal blender, I was doing some shopping online for a blender for myself. This seems to be the type of product that people like to complain about in reviews, either due to leaks, the motor not being strong enough to blend ingredients well, or the motor burning out. I tested this one out by making a few different smoothies, from a simple peanut butter and banana smoothie (see my video), to a green smoothie with kale, celery and cucumber to an oatmeal, yogurt and frozen fruit smoothie.
What I liked about this blender:
*It has an attractive silver and black exterior finish and stays in place on the counter when in use.
*It comes with 2 taller cups plus one shorter cup, 2 types of blades and a variety of lids.
*The 900W motor does a fairly good (but not perfect) job of chopping ice and other ingredients.
It's easy to use: just load your ingredients as directed in the owner's manual, attach the blade to the bottom of the cup, put the cup onto the motor base, and press down on the cup to blend.

What I did not like about this blender:
*The included cups are too small, and there doesn't seem to be any others to choose from. While the product description says that the tall cups are 17 ounces, when you add ingredients, you are not supposed to add past the "Max" line, which is at 13.5 oz or 400 ml. The only way you can put 17 ounces into the tall cups is to add more liquid AFTER you have done your blending. I think the capacity of these cups falls short of what is offered from other brands.
*The included recipe book only contains 9 smoothie recipes plus 5 other recipes for guacamole, gazpacho, cold melon soup, hummus and stuffed tomatoes.
*There doesn't seem to be any real warranty on this product. Here is what is stated on the Abuler website about refunds and returns: "Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging."
Compare that to the one year free warranty offered on the Nutribullet or Ninja personal blenders.
*There do not seem to be any replacement parts currently available on the Abuler website. If you needed to replace a blade or a gasket, or your wanted to buy a larger capacity cup, where would you get it?

If you watch my video where I am preparing a peanut butter and banana smoothie, you can see that there were a few small pieces of ice left after blending. I'll allow for the possibility that I did not blend long enough (my video was taken in real time and unedited). I added just 5 crescent shaped ice cubes from an automatic ice maker to 4 ounces of milk, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and one medium banana to make that smoothie.
Overall, while this blender performs adequately, I think it falls short of what the better known brands are offering, in terms of the capacity of the included cups, the warranty and the ability to get replacement parts if needed. If I were buying this type of blender myself, I'd probably choose one of the name brands, even if that meant spending a bit more money. I rate this Abuler blender at 3 1/2 stars.

Powerful, value for money

Blends and chop well. The 12 speed and turbo mode is helpful and versatile. Beats paying $70++ for any branded hand blender that serve one function only.

Fernando Blanco

This little guy is small but mighty! We already have a full size blender but needed to replace our small, on-the-run blender that just gave out. This Buier blender is the perfect size for your countertop as it hardly takes up any space. It comes with a powerful base, three different sized blending containers and their respective lids and an extra lid with blade. You can blend up a smoothie, pop on a sippy lid and go! I love that the base suction cups to the counter for added security and fewer accidents! The containers are super easy to clean (throw them in the dishwasher)! I am thrilled with this little blender and so glad I shopped around and waited for this one!

Nice blender set.

This is a nice blender with several cups, and 2 types of blades. It is compact and the suction cups hold it securely to the counter. I would like it more if the large cups were a few ounces larger. They are 17 ounces. 20-24 ounces would be nice.

Love it

Blender, smoothie maker all in one